Introducing the Feeed ICO

The Feeed token sale will begin at 20pm GMT (UTC+0) on October 6th 2017

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15.000.000 FXX Sales in ICO

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Pay with your phone
or credit card without fee.


Trade in feeed internal exchange platform.
Be a startup shareholder!


Help good startups
with the mining power.

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What is Feeed?

Feeed is a backed money. It is a cryptocurrency made for real life without fee, open source and democratic. It's a fresh fundraising!

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How Feeed Works?

Feeed is an open source cryptocurrency based on a multiple blockchains system. It is managed by the community. Feeed is backed by an investment strategy in starups using smarts contracts.

Startup present its project.

Presentation of the complete team as well as the project in detail the crowdfunding...
but better !


You choose the team you like, the project you feel promising. Each day new projects will be presented like Product Hunt !

Small Control.

The feeed team checks that the project is real, that the team exists and that nobody is lying to ensure continuity.

We are a Shareholder.

The startup receives $ 20,000 in Feeed against a percentage of the company defined in advance according to the project and the advancement of it.

Fresh fundraising.

Feeed represents the total value of the investments you made in startups.

Feeed is for everyone.

It's open source, and we're open to discussions. Any ideas or improvements to be made are studied. No one is sidelined!

Feeed is Backed!

Each day, the reference value is defined according to the evolution of the investment fund.

Make your purchases!

Make your payment, Feeed is a currency with real value and especially with little variation! Feeed allows you to pay anywhere, all the time in Euros in dollars and with many other currencies !

Discover a new economy!

Choose the most relevant startups and teams.
Use your money every day without asking you questions,
place your money on it or you want it safely.
Feeed is guaranteed and insured!

Trading Platform

Startups open their capital on a Feeed internal exchange system.


60 startups

The first year, Feeed will have 60 startups in its portfolio.


Payement system

Credit card and contactless smartphone payment to freely make your purchases


2000 Startups

Middle term objective for large amount of backed money (almost $45M)


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Take a road map here

  • Q4 2016

    Emergence of idea, analysis of the market and competitors
  • Q1 2017

    Development of MVP
  • 15.08.2017

    Date of pre-ICO
  • 15.09.2017

    Full-featured product
    version (desktop version)
  • 06.10.2017

    Date of ICO
  • 10.01.2018

    Adding Feeed application to Apple Store and Google Play
  • Q4 2018

    Creation of
    a financial ecosystem

Contributing to the development

The code is open source ... and the company too!
Everyone can contribute to its development
to the proper functioning and evolution of feeed.



Anthony Besson

Core Developer
Thought Leader


Guillaume Vignal

Marketing Guru


Vahan Hovhannisyan

Communication Manager


Lucas Weiss

Communication manager
Strategy Advisor


Aldin Basic

Communication Manager

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Come to Feeed and become a shareholder.
We work hard for our open source fundraising.
Join us for contributing, participate to the ICO or just for fun.

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